Raul V. Rodriguez

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

#TTYN. The Twist You Need

#TTYN. The Twist You Need

The new Raúl V. Rodríguez book
#TTYN. The Twist You Need

There are very few "special" situations in life when your ideology can be pen down in words. Words that inspire many. Well, after a few months over the same, I find myself half-way "processed", glad and equally astonished to announce that The 'Twist You Need' will release (expected) in 2016 -max beginning of 2017.
Here you can enlight yourself with the introductory Synopsis.
Thank you for all your support and collaboration in term of ideas, perspectives and views.

In a confounding world, we observe perplexed what is about to come next. We live in fear and not in happiness, segregating and feeding ideas with the thought of a more humanistic reality which is yet to arrive. 

We consider homo sapiens as the supreme tool of self-understanding and developing. We believe we created technology, but we aren’t aware that technology created us. Religion is used as a management tool deriving to be the control panel of your mind. We don’t ask, we don’t wonder, we don’t criticise. With the system we follow the flow becoming part of the cattle. We absolutely think that freedom is real, as much as the term ‘legal’ is original. We claim having educational institutions when we are actually developing instructional centres instead.

We have a sentiment of self-belonging to an abstract concept called ‘society’. We do not know the meaning of the same, but we know we can study it through books even though none of the concepts are practically applicable in the real world. We protest against the system but “Hey,I got to pay taxes. Can’t skip it".

We are part of that cattle that comes into ‘depression‘ without even knowing the meaning of such term. We claim to know everything when we know nothing. We blindly confuse “Legal” and “Right” by being those ignorant individuals who fall under the trap of  “Freedom”. We led our existence through family values and self-imposed beliefs. 

We are lost but we always find our way back. Our way back to self-destruction. Why don’t we start seeing a bit less and understanding a bit more. We ask for “Respect” when we don’t even know how to involve that idea in our neurological functioning. Analyse the perceptive reality from the pure concept of clarity through a mind twist in order to change your inner social order.

If You wanna be You, This is Your book.