Raul V. Rodriguez

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Are you naked? Well, your mind is

In continuation to previous articles in the art of Detection of Deception, I take the chance to recall-with the permission of the specialist Richard Cytowic- the most important areas to look at in someone’s face in order to identify deception. However, I’ll repeat one more time: Deception Experts are born, not made. The scientific formula might not always be effective for people whose skills aren’t accurate enough to detect deception.
As mentioned in the following article, chin and mouth surroundings are the main ‘spotters’ of lies. But is it enough? Absolutely not. I would like point-as done previously- detection of deception is a combination of various patterns such as body language and FACS cues, voices stress, writing analysis, clothing, behavioural aspects, psychological situations, current scenario, among others.
Watch out and improve your life detecting skills!