Raul V. Rodriguez

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Deception Detection: An overview

Human behaviour & its complex mechanism have been a field of scientific research for decades now. Peoples’ motivations & drives are a mystery to most people & are not easy to understand. A host of factors add up to make up the complex called a ‘personality’. Now when it comes to deciphering or decoding the hidden clues that a person’s body language or facial expressions maybe revealing a layman falls short by a mile. There are a host of techniques that experts rely upon to detect deception or lies. To name a few they are Galvanic Skin response, fMRI, Voice Stress Analysis, Behavioural Analysis etc..
One of the techniques that is rapidly catching on & is widely used by security agencies in most countries is Micro expressions. This has been proven to be a very effective way to gauge a suspicious person’s feelings & thought process & is considered a tell tale sign of a person’s inner state. There are over 10000 micro-expressions but there are about seven that are widely observed & are fairly easy to spot among the masses with enough practice. These are viz. Anger, Fear, Contempt, Sadness, Happiness, Surprise and Disgust. IRIANS has worked with corporates & security agencies across the globe to effectively train employees & officers alike to spot deception as it happens so they can save their organisation the mishap of fraudulent acts & potentially fatal mistakes.