Raul V. Rodriguez

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Why knowing about Deception is as important as knowing how to sum?

Micro-expressions, body language, writing analysis, voice stress analysis, behavioural analysis, profiling…it all comes to the Detection of Deception in human beings and animals. Psychology is a broad science which combined with Neuroscience allows us to spread the service denominated as Applied Neuroscience and Psychology with a Business potential perspective. 
A small exercise. Read the questions below, take a piece a paper and take 30 sec to answer on the paper “YES/NO”. You will understand then why you do need a deception training programme.
“Do you use the right way of communication with clients? and your employees? and you?”
“Are you an expert Networker?”
“Have you ever thought about how many times people lie to you in a single day?”
“Are you a Poker player, an employer, a wife, a politician, a scientist, a policeman… or a simple human being?”
“Deception is a serious business. More than 85% of fraud cases in Europe happened because of undetected deception in the past 10 years.”- Raul V. RodriguezCo-CEO of IRIANS assures.
This is the field focused on National/International Security but it is as important for Officers as for everyone to know when we are being lied.  That can save you money, time or even safety from hiring a bad employee or making sure you know what is going on with your partner or significant other. Unfortunately, we, humans, are not naturally good at detecting lies. Therefore, an intense and personal training is indeed needed to spot them.
Remember that an effective communication is a vital tool for any business owner. Your success at getting your point across can be the difference between sealing a deal or missing out on a potential opportunity. Train your business communication in order to succeed. Get the right networking skills in order to spot the maximum amount of business.